Spring Specials

Spring Glow Facial 
45 minutes $89

Our Spring Facial delivers on the WOW factor - helping to restore healthy glowing skin, with a focus on deep relaxation and rejuvenating benefits. ⁠

⇨ Deep cleansing ritual 
⇨ Gentle exfoliation 
⇨ Antioxidant brightening serum
⇨ Signature Massage⁠ with vitamin enriched oils
⇨ Hydrating masque
⇨ Finishing product

Add On 15 mins LED Heallight Therapy 
15 minutes $25

Boost your Spring Glow Facial with 15 minutes of LED Heallight therapy to boost cellular rejuvenation leaving your skin with a beautiful healthy glow!

Gentleman's Facial 
50 minutes $125

Our Gentleman's Facial focuses on the specific needs of men's skin. Let us take care of your open pores,  blackheads, shaving rash, dehydrated skin, and overgrown eyebrows. We will send you home looking handsome and feeling relaxed with our signature scalp massage. 

⇨ Deep cleanse 
⇨ Gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin build up
⇨ Vitamin serum
⇨ Signature Scalp Massage⁠ 
⇨ Absorbent masque
⇨ Finishing product
⇨ Brow trim & tidy if required

Spring Massage Special 
45 minutes $89

The Spring Signature Massage will bring peace and serenity to your mind, body, and soul. Tailored to meet your individual needs - restoring balance and releasing muscle tension on all levels. Including complimentary aromatherapy and hot towel therapy to complete your experience.

Dermaceutic Mela Forte Peel 
3 Sessions Pre-Paid - $699 save $300
Single Session - $249 save $201

Are you concerned with - Melasma, environmental pigmentation and sun-damage skin?

The Mela Forte peel is a comprehensive course of peels that target, treat, and reduce the appearance of melasma and environmental pigmentation. The Mela Forte peel regulates the activation of pigment deep within the skin in a safe and controlled way, offering minimal side effects. The medical-grade formula delivers long-lasting result which guarantees no re-bound pigment, revealing an even complexion with renewed skin radiance, clarity, and brightness.