Bella Bronze Tan Violet Dark Choc Bronze Mousse 50ml

Bella Bronze

Bella Bronze Tan Violet Dark Choc Bronze Mousse 50ml

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The Bella Bronze foaming mousse is renowned for its true to colour result due to the blend of erythrulose, natural DHA and low cosmetic bronzers.


  • Natural + Organic ingredients

  • 1 hour wash and wear time

  • Quick-drying, non-sticky, non-oily formula

  • 100% vegan

  • Free from nut oils

  • Parabens free 

  • Fragrance free



  • Anyone wanting to achieve professional looking tan in the comfort of your home

  • Anyone looking to extend the life of their professional tan on holiday

  • Anyone wanting a beautiful safe natural looking tan without the risks associated with the sun


  • Waxing or shaving is best performed 24 hours before your tan application

  • Shower & exfoliate 12-24 hours prior to your tan application

  • Ensure skin is clean with no perfumes, moisturisers, butters or oils before your tan application.

  • Apply a barrier cream to any areas that tend to grab product or go to dark eg. elbows, knees, heals and palms of hands

  • Start from the bottom - work from your ankles, working your way up the body.

  • Go lightly over the feet, hands & face as these areas should always look slightly lighter. We recommend using the Bella Bronze Face Mist to finish face and backs of hands. 

  • Use a damp towel at the end of the application and wipe over the palm of hands, finger & toenails to remove excess tan.

  • After applying your tan, wear loose dark clothing along with slides or thongs to ensure you do not mark your tan. 


To develop a light tan rinse after 1-2 hours, 3-4 hours for a medium, and leave longer than 4+ hours to develop a darker result. Results and processing times can vary between different skin types. To extend the life of your tan, it is recommended to apply the Bella Bronze 2 in 1 Gradual Tan as your daily moisturiser to help keep your tan looking its best.