Gift Certificates

Give the gift of self care

Noosa Skin Studio Gift Certificates

Our personalised vouchers are available to be redeemed in-clinic on any treatment service, with up to 12 months to claim the total dollar value - it's the gift that keeps giving!

How to Order your Gift Voucher

Gift Certificates can only be purchased by emailing or phoning the studio.


P: 0411 215 337

We will provide you with a personalised electronic gift certificate, that you can print or email onto your someone special.

Please provide the following information for us to customise your certificate:

Who is it for?

Who is it from?

What dollar value do you want to gift?

We can include any special messages e.g. Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary.


Please provide your contact details so that we can contact you for payment, once payment is complete we will email you a copy of your certificate


*Please note the 15% discount is not available on Gift Certifcate Purchases.

Noosa Skin Studio Policy:

On pricing for expired or close-to-expiring gift certificates: A s Monday, 22 April 2024, Noosa Skin Studio has implemented the following policy regarding the pricing of gift certificates that are 12 months old, have recently expired, or are nearing their 3-year expiry.

1. Extension of Expiry Date: Al gift certificates purchased are valid for three (3) years from the date of purchase, following the guidelines established by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). If a customer presents a certificate that has recently expired (within 1 month post expiry), we will still accept it as payment for services. However, if there has been an increase in the price of the service since the certificate was purchased, we will politely request that the customer cover the price difference. Ideally, this will be communicated before the appointment so the customer is aware that a price difference payment will be owed following their appointment.
2. Price Adjustment for Services: If twelve months have passed since the customer received their gift certificate, and they have not redeemed it within this timeframe, Noosa Skin Studio reserves the right to adjust the pricing of services accordingly to reflect any increases that may have occurred since the certificate was initially purchased. We will politely request that the customer cover the price difference. Ideally, this communication will occur before the appointment, ensuring the customer is aware of any additional payment required following their service. This adjustment will ensure fairness to both the customer and the business. These situations will be mostly avoided if the value of the certificate is for a dollar value and not a service.
3. Communication with Customers: Noosa Skin Studio understands the importance of
maintaining positive relationships with our valued customers. Therefore, when requesting payment for the price difference in services due to voucher expiration, our staff will handle the situation with professionalism, empathy, and transparency. If additional costs to your appointment will be incurred, we will call you ahead to explain these charges. The additional payment can be charged over the phone if this is your preference, or we are happy to take payment folowing your appointment.
4. Options for Customers: To accommodate customers to the best of our ability, we will offer alternatives such as upgrading to a higher-value service to utilise the full value of their certificate, or providing a credit for the price difference to be used towards future service.
5. Exceptional Circumstances: Noosa Skin Studio recognizes that there may be exceptional circumstances where honoring an expired voucher without price adjustment is warranted. In such cases, management will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and may choose to make exceptions at their discretion, considering factors such as customer loyalty, VIP status, goodwill, etc. If unsure if additional charges should be incurred, please always check first before proceeding.
6. Original Gift Certificates: When Noosa Skin Studio first began operating in 2021, our gift certificates had a 12-month expiry, a practice that did not align with ACCC regulations.
Additionally, we offered certificates for both services and dollar values. To adhere to best business practices and regulatory standards, we have transitioned to a new policy. Now, all gift certificates have a 3-year expiry, and we prioritise dollar value as the preferred currency for all certificates. This shift minimises the potential for price discrepancies and eliminates the need for uncomfortable conversations regarding price adjustments with clients. By implementing this policy, Noosa Skin Studio aims to uphold our commitment to providing exceptional service while adhering to legal obligations and fostering positive relationships with our customers. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our valued clientele in this matter.