Studio Facial Treatments

At Noosa Skin Studio, we believe that all skin is unique, and your skin treatments should be equally personal. Our expert knowledge of skin allows us to develop a restorative treatment program to combine the right products with the therapeutic flow of relaxation and rejuvenation. Every appointment begins with a personalised skin consultation to help determine the best treatment option suited to you.

45 minutes $90
70 minutes $140
90 minutes $170

Lymphatic Therapy Facial 
90 minutes $190

If you want to restore the WOW FACTOR to your skin while boosting long results, this treatment is for you. The Lymphatic Therapy facial is a tightening treatment masque designed to work with your circulatory system - an often overlooked but vital component of skin health. The masque works by applying transient pressure to the skin to stimulate circulation. Combined with a lactic peel, vitamin infusion, and LED light therapy - this facial restores radiance and give skin back a healthy glow. 

Mumma-To-Be Bespoke Facial Treatment
70 minutes $170

Experience complete skin rejuvenation with the luxurious Mumma-to-be Facial. Utilising a range of pregnancy-safe ingredients this beautiful treatment addresses specific concerns such as: pigmentation, breakouts, dehydration and skin sensitivity. Your complexion will be clarified, soothed and thoroughly restored. This treatment also incorporates a relaxing face, décolletage and shoulder massage.

Teen Skin Bespoke Facial Treatment
45 minutes $70

The perfect remedy to address the needs of adolescent skin. Commencing with a purifying deep cleanse, followed by a gentle exfoliation to polish away dead skin cells. Skin is infused with an antioxidant serum to promote skin health and finished with an absorbent clay masque. Skin is left feeling soft, restored with a healthy glow. 

Problematic Skin Treatment 
45 minutes $85

This specialised treatment targets problematic skin concerns. The treatment begins with a detoxifying deep cleanse followed by a lactic acid peel to sterilise and supercharge healing. Skin is then infused with a selection of active vitamins to help normalise cellular function and further boosted with LED light therapy to reveal calm, healthy skin. Extractions are performed if required. For long term-results, this treatment is recommended as part of a treatment program and supported with a personalised home care prescription. 


LED Light Therapy 20 minutes $40

Boost the results of your facial by adding 20 minutes of LED Light Therapy to your treatment. LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive, rejuvenating skin treatment that penetrates at a cellular level to stimulate collagen and elastin to restore your healthy glow.  

Revitalising Eye Infusion $40

Add on to any bespoke facial - for ultimate rejuvenation of the eye area, this rejuvenating treatment focuses on the eye area to hydrate, brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

Tensage Intensive Serum $30 (add-on) to any facial treatment

Experience incredible skin renewal to reveal a radiant, beautiful complexion by adding a Tensage Intensive Serum infusion to your facial treatment:

  • It encourages collagen growth, improves skin tone and texture while minimising lines and wrinkles.
  • Restores a beautiful, healthy appearance 
  • It helps promote post-procedural skin repair and optimise healing after skin peels, and advanced skin procedures
  • Provides comfort for skin conditions - eczema, dermatitis, and barrier impaired skin.