Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner 200ml

Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner 200ml

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The Botanical Infused Moisturising Toner is not like your traditional Toner - it is what we liken to a moisturising serum. The Toner is formulated with a blend of moisturising ingredients, including Niacinamide, Pro-Vitamin B5, Honey Bush Leaf Extract, and a brigade of botanical extracts to boost hydration and improve the overall immunity of your skin. This gentle formula is light and refreshing, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft. 


  • It is boosted with deeply nourishing and hydrating ingredients helping to keep your skin plump and hydrated. 
  • With the addition of Niacinamide, this Toner helps to minimise the appearance of uneven skin tone. 


  • Best used by all skin types as part of your daily skincare regime.
  • Excellent for dry/dehydrated skin requiring additional moisture
  • Recommended for photo-aged skin that requires additional antioxidant support. 

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