Tips for Winter Proofing your skin!

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If the cold weather is causing your skin to feel dry, tight, and possibly a little sensitive, it's no surprise. Fluctuations in temperature combined with dry winds, low humidity, central heating, and long hot showers are all culprits when it comes to drying and depleting our skin of natural oils and disrupting our skin's barrier function. 
Keeping your skin hydrated during winter, might be easier than you realise. However, it's not just about simply slathering on a moisturiser and drinking eight glasses of water each day.
Here are our top Winter Proofing tips to help keep your skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated throughout the dry winter months. 

Dry Skin v's Dehydrated Skin 
Did you know that the terms' dry' and 'dehydrated' actually mean two very different things when we start talking skincare?
While different, dry and dehydrated skin is not mutually exclusive. Dry skin is how we classify skin that lacks sebum (the oil produced naturally by our skin). Whereas dehydrated skin is a condition characterised by a lack of moisturise in the skin. Regardless of your skin type, be it oily, dry, normal, or combination, all skin types can experience dehydration.
A great way to tell if your skin is dehydrated is to gently pinch the skin on the back of your hand and release it. If your skin slowly returns to its normal state, rather than quickly bouncing back - this is a sign that your skin requires additional moisture.
Now that we understand that dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water, it's important for you to select products that will help your skin look and feel its best throughout the dry winter months!
Dry skin will benefit from products that work to restore the skin's natural oil production. Sunflower Seed Oil, found in Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules, is particularly beneficial for dry skin, due to its rich vitamin E content. Sunflower seed oil has hydrating properties that helps the skin retain its moisture, trapping the moisture inside the skin cells, and keeping skin hydrated for longer.
For dehydrated skin, meet your skin's new best friend - Super MoisturiserThis luxurious, deeply hydrating moisturiser contains Pentavitin, a natural skin care ingredient that nourishes and moisturises the skin providing powerful hydration for up to 72 hours. Super Moisturiser is a fast-acting moisturiser offering long-term hydration to maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier, resulting in skin that feels intensely nourished, comforted, and hydrated.
And for seriously dry, dehydrated winter skins lacking both oil and moisturise, we cannot go past the deeply nourishing K Ceutic Post Treatment Cream. The advanced formula helps maintain optimal moisture levels delivering essential nutrients and hydration to stressed skin with the added protection of SPF 50.

Stay Hydrated from the inside out! 
We all know that drinking enough water and eating a nutritionally balanced diet is necessary for keeping ourselves healthy and hydrated. However, when life and time pressures get in the way, we can all be guilty of ending a busy day, feeling dehydrated, and snacked on a quick takeaway to get us through.
It's important to remember that our skin is the largest organ of our body, and for it to remain healthy requires vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting antioxidants to keep it glowing from the inside out. 
We are seriously obsessed with the Advanced Nutrition Programmes Skin Ultimate pods to help protect, nourish and support the health of our skin every day. Each pod contains five evidence-based supplements delivering plant nutrients, fatty acids, CoQ10, pine bark extract, and astaxanthin with vitamins, including Vitamin A to maintain healthy skin and Vitamin D to support cell renewal. We love the convenience of the daily tear-off pods, especially for days when you are busy and on the go. But most of all, they keep skin feeling soft, supple, and you guessed it - HYDRATED! 

Winter Revival Facial 
When all else fails, and your skin needs a serious boost of hydration, and some extra TLC, we offering our clients a special in-clinic restorative Winter Revival Facial. This facial will give your skin back what the dry winter temperature takes out. Commencing with a deep cleansing ritual to soften and purify your skin of impurities, followed by a gentle lactic peel to dissolve dry, dead skin and brighten dull complexions. You are then treated to our signature face and scalp massage incorporating a blend of nourishing vitamins and oils to leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated with a radiant glow. 

Noosa Skin Studio invites you to book a free, no-obligation skin consultation to receive a personalised skincare prescription to start achieving your skin goals.

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