Focus Care Moisturise+ Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser 50ml

Focus Care Moisturise+ Vita-Complex Super Moisturiser 50ml

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Super Moisturiser is a luxurious cream containing dynamic moisturisers and emollients that enhance the skin’s barrier function and natural moisturising factors. Super Moisturiser is boosted with essential skin vitamins and antioxidants to protect skin from the effects of free-radical damage, resulting in skin that feels intensely nourished, comforted, and hydrated.


  • It deeply hydrates and locks in moisture.
  • It is absorbed quickly, promoting comfort and hydration.
  • It helps restore the natural moisture balance of your skin.
  • It is a nourishing moisturiser that helps comfort and soothes sensitive, barrier impaired skin.
  • Add Super Moisturiser to your daily routine when the skin feels dry, tight, and dehydrated, especially during the extreme seasonal changes, to help protect the skin and provide the feeling of long-lasting hydration.
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